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“Let nothing disturb you; let nothing dismay you; all things pass; God never changes. Patience attains all that it strives for. Those who have God find they lack nothing; God alone suffices.”

St. Teresa of Avila (1515 - 1582)

Canadian Food For Children

Each year, CFFC sends over 8,000 tons of much needed supplies to people in over twenty countries worldwide! Last year, clothing from SRM has gone to Zambia and Malawi. In 2013, SRM shipments have gone to Peru and Honduras. This is a very exciting initiative for us and we will continue to support CFFC.

Please care for the poor in Canada

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Spiritual direction

Learn about SRM's overseas ministries

Thank you to our many donors and partners

Seeking Inner Peace? Trying to Decide? Feeling Lost? Spiritual direction may be for you! Stephen is available for spiritual direction as well a guide for people as they undertake Annotation 19 of the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola. Read more. Since 2009, Spirit Renewal Ministries has made a significant commitment to partner with Kenyan based ministries for the purpose of training pastors and church leaders. SRM also undertakes mission work in the Caribbean and India. Learn more.

Over the years, SRM has been blessed by the thoughtfulness and support of people and churches - your support helps in so many ways - thank you! Please consider a monthly donation which will help support our ongoing ministries at home and abroad.

Get our study on the book of Romans

Do You Want to make a difference in the world? Gospel Fire International


“As a result of this book, I am more passionate about knowing God than ever before. This book has transformed my life!” – A.M. Moulton, Progress Church of God, Toronto. Learn more.

East Africa Mission, 2016

Please pray for SRM as plans are made for our fourth mission trip to East Africa in October, 2016. Please partner with us in this exciting work, SRM's fourth mission trip to East Africa.

Purchase a Bible for a family in Africa!

For just $10.00 USD you can provide a Bible to a family in East Africa - SRM has a program where we raise funds from churches (in the United States, Canada, and Curaçao), community groups, families, and individuals. The Bibles are sourced in local languages (Kiswahili, Luo, Kalinjin, and English) from the Kenya Bible Society in Nairobi, and from there shipped to pastors and churches in East Africa. The beauty of this program is that we know where the Bibles go, and you have the assurance that your donation has made a significant difference in the someone's life.

Please pray for the ministry of Rev. Peter and Becki Franz of Gospel Fire International, one of our ministry partners in Kenya. SRM has been hosted by GFI during our last three Kenyan mission trips.

Kenya / Africa Mission Videos

Spirit Renewal Ministries is building ministry relationships which will enable us to participate in the development of long-term training needs of clergy and church leaders in East Africa You can visit with us through our mission videos, each lasting about ten minutes. Watch the videos

SRM returns to Curaçao, November, 2015

Please pray for our upcoming mission trip to Curaçao this fall, and the ministries in Curaçao. We partner with Zadok Ministries International in our work in Curaçao. Please support this work through your prayers and faithful donations. Read more.

Bibles for Kenya Program

In the last few years, Spirit Renewal Ministries has been raising funds to provide Bibles to churches, pastors, and individuals in Kenya. Many pastors have shared their excitement of people who have received Bibles. You too can participate in this program. Read more.

SRM moves its Canadian ministry

After nine years of ministry in Toronto, SRM has moved to Kingston. We still undertake some ministry in the Toronto region, but our base is now in Kingston. You can read more about this in our 2015 ministry newsletter. Read more.


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