Spirit Renewal Ministries

Transforming Lives ....... Renewing Communities
through faith in Jesus Christ

Our purpose is to share the Good News of the kingdom of God made known through the life and witness of Jesus Christ (John 14: 11,12). We undertake this ministry by preaching (proclamation), teaching, pastoral care, and through sacramental ministries, both at home and abroad. We welcome you today!

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Rev. Dr. Stephen McAllister, Founder and Senior Minister

Join us as we serve as the hands and feet of Christ as we preach, teach, encourage, feed, comfort, and care for thousands of people at home and abroad. ministries


Ministries in Canada, USA, and Curaçao

Wdeddings Worship
Spiritual Direction


Canada, USA, Curaçao

Canada, USA, Curaçao


Serving in East Africa

Widows Relief
Bibles for Africa
Pastors Training


Ministry Centres - North America

Ministry Centres - Africa


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